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Dean Odle "Government Documents Admit Flat Earth"

Here is a youtube version of a sermon from this last Sunday 6/10/2018

Dean Odle GDaFE

He covers plenty of good stuff in these 2 hours. He goes through many government documents that assume "a flat and non-revolving earth". Here is a 2 minute version for FlatWorth.

I could see how some manuals might want to do this for introductions to a topic, or to cover some basics, but to have your final technical manuals for flying, or bombing, or landing a space shuttle and not include all necessary factors, seems disastrous. But these instructions work just fine in the real world. Assuming a flat and non-revolving earth seems to work.

Then this week he came out with part 2 He responded to some detractors from last week at the beginning. Then he covered satellite balloons and the Isinglass project. It touches on what exactly is the firmament, what is below it, and how high has the US government made it. (ECHO satellite, Space Shuttle, etc)

He shows a scene from "Bad Batch" with a snowglobe and nasa baseball hat at about 59 minutes in. Here it is at about 4min.

He made one horrible error though ..... he mistakenly said the Skyfall conference was on August 5th and 6th instead of October. ;)



1. On Monday, June 18 2018, 19:52 by Kat Kanning

Did you notice what they were doing before he handed over the snow globe? They were eating crow.

eat crow
phrase of crow
North Americaninformal
be humiliated by having to admit one's defeats or mistakes.

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