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Flat Earth or Globe survey results for September 9th in SLC

Kat and I stood on a street corner again and asked some of the people passing by "Do you think the earth is flat or a globe?".



We had many good conversations with homeless people. But sometimes the demons inside them get really angry with us.

Some people pass by and are amused by our sign. Some find it annoying. One guy yelled from his car that I was a moron and I was making people stupid by asking this question.

Some families rush past us, like they are trying to avoid the crazy people. :)

We also had a higher percentage of foreign tourists, because it was a quiet Sunday. We talked to people from many countries. They were more reluctant to answer our question, so we just talked about other things.

We also met a friendly lady from Massachusetts (originally from OK), who said she has been to 54 countries and knows it is a globe. She said she can see the earths curve when she flies.

We also had a UofU student who ran across the intersection to take a picture with us and is very excited about the idea of Flat Earth and what that means to our place in the world.

Here is the one Kat was holding:


Here is a picture of our final results:


  • Flat Earth - 6
  • some of each - 1
  • Globe - 36

and a variety that we posted on the back side:


So this time we are way above our usual 5% for Flat Earth.


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