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My Favorite Flat Earth Proofs

My Favorite Proofs of the Flat Earth

1. The Bible -- the references to the earth make more sense with a flat, non-moving, enclosed earth than a spinning globe. The men who wrote down the Bible under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the men who walked and talked with God, they all thought the earth was flat, enclosed, stationary.

2. The Atmosphere - Boyle's Law says that pressure of a gas has an inverse relationship to the volume of the container PV=nRT . So say you have a box containing a fixed number of molecules of gas and it has a certain pressure. If you put it in a much larger box, the pressure will go down. Say you have a infinite size box. The pressure would go down to nothing. Now consider the supposed vacuum of space. Here we have what is supposed to be an infinite space with virtually no gas in it -- no pressure. Now consider our atmosphere connected to this infinite vacuum of space. The principle here holds that our air molecules should bounce out into space and be dispersed evenly across the enormous expanse of space.

I spent many years working on vacuum systems at Genentech. Any leak in the system is going to want to violently equalize the pressure between your vacuum chamber and the outside air. It can be a pinhole leak (and usually was!). Someone once said that nature abhors a vacuum. It's true!

The scientists try and tell us that gravity holds our atmosphere in. Note that in Boyle's law, gravity is never considered. The smallest butterfly can move our atmosphere overcoming the supposed pull of gravity. The smallest breath from the smallest child can move the air. But we are supposed to believe that gravity is holding it down? It makes more sense that we are in an enclosed system.

3, The Curve -- Scientists tell us that you can calculate the curve of the earth at 8 inches per mile squared. So let's do the math, shall we? Let us consider a view of 5 miles. It's easier to see this over a body of water since no typography gets in the way. So 5x25=125 inches which is a little over 10 ft. So if you are at ground level and observe a boat going away from you....you can watch it disappear over the curve, right? But if you take binoculars or a telescope or some such, amazingly, you can bring it back into vision, as far as the optics and atmospheric conditions will allow. If you bring your boat back into vision when it's 5 miles out, 10 feet of it should be below the curve, but this doesn't happen. This is easier to do across a lake where google can tell you what the distances you see are. Test it yourself! We did.


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