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Answering Kevin Hogwood

Kevin put out a thoughtful video about debunking the flat earth. He basically presented what flat earthers actually believe and presented some reasonable arguments for the globe.

Kevin's Proofs:
North star/southern cross
Eclipses not possible on flat earth
24 hr day at Antarctica
NASA/SpaceX videos
Seen satellites and space station go over
How do we see hurricanes coming --weather satellites
How do you get satellite tv
Ships in ocean
Gospel or flat earth more important

Kevin's Videos

I will try and show an answer to all the issues Kevin presented, in no particular order. Mostly others have already answered these things, so I'm pointing to them. One thing Kevin brought up in his second video was ships going over the horizon. I did this a couple years ago at the coast in South Carolina. I was watching the big container ships going out to see. I was on the beach, just a few feet above sea level. I could watch the ships going way out and disappear. I picked one that had words across the bottom with a certain proportion of ship visible below the words. It had a nice straight line at the bottom to compare to. So I watched it go out to sea. When it was no longer visible, I used my binoculars to bring it back into vision, which shouldn't be possible if it has gone over the curve. I could see that it still had the same proportion of the ship visible beneath the words on the side of the ship.
Here is a different pastor talking about flat earth and documents related to satellites.

Satellites, NASA photos, and much more
Government document say that satellites are high altitude balloons. Weather info is also obtained by balloons, btw. Dean Odle talks about the importance of Biblical Cosmology -- it is bringing people to Christ!

More on Satellites

North Star/Southern Cross

Solar eclipse doesn't work on globe model. I don't know what is eclipsing the moon on lunar eclipse, but it's easy to show that what the "scientists" are telling us isn't true.


NASA/Space X Fraud

24 Hour Day in Antarctica
The time lapse videos they give us for Antarctica are obviously pieced together. They never show 24 hr sun.

Flat Earth and the Bible

What Dean Odle and Nathan Roberts say is absolutely true: what's important is people coming to Christ, the creator. This is just a tool to help people find the true God. When the Russians first went into space, the first thing they said was, "we don't see any God out here." That's the agenda -- to take people away from God. Jesus said He was the truth, so I don't see how the truth can be unimportant. None of this matters if people don't come to the whole truth, that God came down to earth, lived a perfect sinless life as a man, Jesus, and died on the cross to pay for our sins, was raised from the dead after the third day so that we could be reconciled to God.


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