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Friday, July 30 2021

Dean Odle's Flat Earth Sermons

Youtube took down Dean Odle's channel, so here are links to his flat earth videos. I highly recommend his other sermons also!

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Friday, June 25 2021

Good Group to find More Info

Ask questions, get some flat earth info here:

Biblical Flat Earth


Thursday, June 24 2021

200 Proofs the Earth is not a Spinning Ball

The classic...200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball!.pdf


Wednesday, October 7 2020

Real Stars

So I went out to look at Mars this morning. It wasn't what the so-called scientists tell us we are supposed to see.

mars.jpeg, Oct 2020

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Monday, May 25 2020

More Declassified Firmament Documents


Sunday, February 9 2020

Dean Odle: The Sevenfold Doctrine of Creation

The Sevenfold Doctrine of Creation


Friday, November 22 2019

CIA: NASA Not a Space Agency


Wednesday, October 30 2019

The Flattest Places on Earth

Abyssal plain (flat plain on bottom of ocean) covers 50% of the earth, according to Wikipedia.


Wednesday, October 16 2019

Skydiving and Flat Earth

A lot of people who skydive say they have seen the curve of the earth. I watched several videos of skydives, and basically all use a "wide angle" curved, gopro lens. This makes it look like the horizon is curved. Also, when you can see 360 degrees, you will have a range of vision in all directions that mark out a circle around you, as in maybe you can see in a circle around you 30 miles or some such. Notice in the video the difference between a flat lens and curved lens. Notice also how no matter how high you go, the horizon rises to your eye level. This wouldn't happen if we were living on a ball, but makes sense with a flat plain.

(From Kat )


Sunday, October 13 2019

Skyfall 2019 Biblical Cosmology Conference

Lots of great speakers and testimonies!


Tuesday, September 17 2019

Flat Earth Family Singers -- Reunion Tour

The Flat Earth Family Singers are at it again...


Wednesday, August 14 2019

The Greatest Lie on Earth: Proof That Our World Is Not a Moving Globe

Very thorough book on why the earth is flat.

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Thursday, August 1 2019

100 Proofs that the Earth is Not a Globe

One Hundred Proofs that the Earth is Not a Globe, by William Carpenter 1885

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Wednesday, July 17 2019

Bible Scholar EW Bullinger was Flat Earther

Read this interesting article:


Sunday, July 14 2019

Government Document Admit Earth is Flat

Research brought out by Nathan Roberts and Pastor Dean Odle:

Government Documents Admit Flat Earth


Ancient Hebrew Cosmology

These types of diagrams were often included in Bibles until recent times.


The first century Jewish historian Josephus had this to say about the creation:

After this, on the second day, he placed the heaven over the whole world, and separated it from the other parts; and he determined it should stand by it self. He also placed a cristalline (firmament) round it; and put it together in a manner agreeable to the earth; and fitted it for giving moisture and rain, and for affording the advantage of dews.

Flavius Josephus of the Antiquities of the Jews — Book I Chapter 1 Containing the interval of 3833 Years. From the Creation to the Death of Isaac.


Saturday, July 13 2019

Theologian Dr. Michael Heiser says Bible Teaches Flat Earth

The only problem is he apparently doesn't believe the Bible.


High Altitude Balloon Footage

Here is a short video of flat vs curved


Monday, May 13 2019

Flat Earth Playlists

Here are some playlists from various people, highlighting the best flat earth videos.

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Wednesday, April 24 2019

Zetetic Cosmogony: Earth not a Globe

Lots of good information about the flat earth. Published 1865.

Earth Not a Globe (Samuel Rowbothan).pdf


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