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Monday, September 3 2018

Flat Earth Hits the Streets of SLC

Russell and I went out with a sign and talked to people about flat earth,


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Sunday, September 2 2018

Flat Earth -- Why it Matters

This explains a lot


Friday, August 31 2018

Flat Earth Family Song


Wednesday, August 22 2018

Flat Earth International Conference 2018 Canada

I was not able to attend this conference, but I am enjoying some of the video content that has been uploaded to youtube.

Here is a copy of the 1st Session

Robbie Davidson introduces the conference and explains his families struggles at 2 local churches because of his views on Flat Earth (1-17min)

I have heard a couple of other stories regarding the resistance that you receive, once they realize that you believe in Geocentrism and a Flat Earth.

Rob Skiba is uploading the sessions here.


Saturday, August 18 2018

No Lies Domed Skies

Her channel

Her great first video

What happens when you become a Flat Earther


Friday, August 3 2018

Does Gravity Explain this?

Interstellar parking:


Is this woman parking near a black hole or other dark matter that is disorienting her?

black hole clip:


You never know what will happen when all that gravity grabs you.

Flat Earth Man sings about gravity:


Do these seem like facts?:



Friday, July 27 2018

The Flat Earth Podcast

The Flat Earth Podcast is my favorite flatearth podcast. :)

Here is an interesting page of artwork including a nice pdf of flat earth images.



Saturday, July 14 2018

Refuting Flat Earth by Creation.com


__"A flat earth, and other nonsense Debunking ideas that would not exist were it not for the Internet"__

I guess when Luther thought the earth stood still .... he was reading the internet. ;)


Monday, July 9 2018

A Literally Ironic Rood Awakening Concerning Flat Earth and the Bible


plus another: Theologians gone wild 3 ...... I guess their handlers are worried about Flat Earth ... now they say we are taking the Bible too literally. :)



Tuesday, July 3 2018

Everything is Stacked Against Us

Whenever someone comes to believe the Truth of the Bible, it is an honest to goodness miracle. There is so much stacked against people seeing the truth, especially here in the US. We are inundated with lies. Schools indoctrinate us into evolution, and globe earth, and billions of years, and scientism. The television reinforces what the schools teach, and show you how you can have your best life now, and sin without repercussions. Political correctness of society tries to mold people into the shape the elite wish them to be -- unquestioning and conforming to the mad sinning commercial culture. Deviation from the political correctness means enduring ridicule or other persecution. Around the world, believing the Truth of the Bible could mean physical persecution. According to a Fox News report, nearly 1 million Christians have been killed for their faith in the last 10 years. Many more are tortured, inprisoned, beated, burned out of homes/churches.

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Monday, July 2 2018

Respect for the "Man of God"

This is an interesting video from some pastor. He thinks us Flat Earthers are misguided and says many of us have "no respect for the man of god". I guess he considers himself on of these men of god that need to be respected. I wonder how he attained that category or what his proof is.

Did Jesus provide proof of his position?

Did Paul the Apostle give proof of his position?


Wednesday, June 27 2018

NASA Fabricators

This is outside the Space Museum in Alamagordo, NM. I thought it was an interesting choice of words. It's like they were making up something!


Monday, June 18 2018

Astronomer telling stories

This is a good video from The Potter's Clay channel on youtube.

It takes a recent globe video, explaining why none of us should believe the earth is flat, and adds some facts.


Friday, June 15 2018

Hollywood coming out with latest Apollo mission movie

Looks like Hollywood is coming out with the latest moon mission movie "First Man". Our buddy at Celebrate Truth looks into this movie and the TV series about the rocket scientist Jack Parsons.

I guess this movie will really shape our view of history like The Right Stuff and Apollo 13.

It is also scary to look into what Jack Parsons and his buddies were up to back then.


Thursday, June 14 2018

Dean Odle "Government Documents Admit Flat Earth"

Here is a youtube version of a sermon from this last Sunday 6/10/2018

Dean Odle GDaFE

He covers plenty of good stuff in these 2 hours. He goes through many government documents that assume "a flat and non-revolving earth". Here is a 2 minute version for FlatWorth.

I could see how some manuals might want to do this for introductions to a topic, or to cover some basics, but to have your final technical manuals for flying, or bombing, or landing a space shuttle and not include all necessary factors, seems disastrous. But these instructions work just fine in the real world. Assuming a flat and non-revolving earth seems to work.

Then this week he came out with part 2 He responded to some detractors from last week at the beginning. Then he covered satellite balloons and the Isinglass project. It touches on what exactly is the firmament, what is below it, and how high has the US government made it. (ECHO satellite, Space Shuttle, etc)

He shows a scene from "Bad Batch" with a snowglobe and nasa baseball hat at about 59 minutes in. Here it is at about 4min.

He made one horrible error though ..... he mistakenly said the Skyfall conference was on August 5th and 6th instead of October. ;)


Link to the podcast "The Mind Renewed" and conspiracy theories

Are Christians allowed to "Believe" in "Conspiracy" "Theories"?

this podcast delves into the definitions of these words separately .... what they mean together ... and try to answer the question.

TMR link

maybe you can believe some theories .... but not The Flat Earth Theory


Friday, June 8 2018

RealScience Fair at Skyfall2018 Conference

We will be holding a flat earth and God's creation science fair for kids at the Skyfall 2018 Biblical Cosmology & End Times Prophecy Conference (October 5th and 6th 2018)

They are calling it the RealScience Fair

You can contact us or Nancy Odle for questions, to donate, or to volunteer.

We have $700 in prize money so far. We could also use helpers on the event days.


Website "The Flat Earth Deception"

This site is dedicated to proving to Christians that the Flat Earth model is a deception.

This page is particularly funny (Antarctica)


A link to my favorite Flat Earth youtube videos

Here is the link to my Flat Earth playlist on Youtube:

I will also post any good ones as I blog along.



Tuesday, June 5 2018

The Earth is Flat. Now What?

Yes, the earth is flat. Yes, we have all been lied to. The globe is a lie. Heliocentrism is a lie. Space travel is a lie. The implications are enormous.

Why would they lie about this? How could this lie be carried on over generations? Why would anyone be so evil to purposely deceive us?

Like it or not, the answers to all these questions are in the Bible. But the Bible also contains the answers to a more important question: now that I know someone created this place, what must I do to be saved? What is there to be saved from?

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