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Wednesday, January 23 2019

Answering Kevin Hogwood

Kevin put out a thoughtful video about debunking the flat earth. He basically presented what flat earthers actually believe and presented some reasonable arguments for the globe.

Kevin's Proofs:
North star/southern cross
Eclipses not possible on flat earth
24 hr day at Antarctica
NASA/SpaceX videos
Seen satellites and space station go over
How do we see hurricanes coming --weather satellites
How do you get satellite tv
Ships in ocean
Gospel or flat earth more important

Kevin's Videos

I will try and show an answer to all the issues Kevin presented, in no particular order. Mostly others have already answered these things, so I'm pointing to them. One thing Kevin brought up in his second video was ships going over the horizon. I did this a couple years ago at the coast in South Carolina. I was watching the big container ships going out to see. I was on the beach, just a few feet above sea level. I could watch the ships going way out and disappear. I picked one that had words across the bottom with a certain proportion of ship visible below the words. It had a nice straight line at the bottom to compare to. So I watched it go out to sea. When it was no longer visible, I used my binoculars to bring it back into vision, which shouldn't be possible if it has gone over the curve. I could see that it still had the same proportion of the ship visible beneath the words on the side of the ship.
Here is a different pastor talking about flat earth and documents related to satellites.

Satellites, NASA photos, and much more
Government document say that satellites are high altitude balloons. Weather info is also obtained by balloons, btw. Dean Odle talks about the importance of Biblical Cosmology -- it is bringing people to Christ!

More on Satellites

North Star/Southern Cross

Solar eclipse doesn't work on globe model. I don't know what is eclipsing the moon on lunar eclipse, but it's easy to show that what the "scientists" are telling us isn't true.


NASA/Space X Fraud

24 Hour Day in Antarctica
The time lapse videos they give us for Antarctica are obviously pieced together. They never show 24 hr sun.

Flat Earth and the Bible

What Dean Odle and Nathan Roberts say is absolutely true: what's important is people coming to Christ, the creator. This is just a tool to help people find the true God. When the Russians first went into space, the first thing they said was, "we don't see any God out here." That's the agenda -- to take people away from God. Jesus said He was the truth, so I don't see how the truth can be unimportant. None of this matters if people don't come to the whole truth, that God came down to earth, lived a perfect sinless life as a man, Jesus, and died on the cross to pay for our sins, was raised from the dead after the third day so that we could be reconciled to God.


Monday, January 21 2019

Impersonations of famous Flat Earthers

Here is No Lies Domed Skies latest video impersonating many Flat Earth youtubers

She is really funny


Saturday, January 19 2019

My Favorite Flat Earth Proofs

My Favorite Proofs of the Flat Earth

1. The Bible -- the references to the earth make more sense with a flat, non-moving, enclosed earth than a spinning globe. The men who wrote down the Bible under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the men who walked and talked with God, they all thought the earth was flat, enclosed, stationary.

2. The Atmosphere - Boyle's Law says that pressure of a gas has an inverse relationship to the volume of the container PV=nRT . So say you have a box containing a fixed number of molecules of gas and it has a certain pressure. If you put it in a much larger box, the pressure will go down. Say you have a infinite size box. The pressure would go down to nothing. Now consider the supposed vacuum of space. Here we have what is supposed to be an infinite space with virtually no gas in it -- no pressure. Now consider our atmosphere connected to this infinite vacuum of space. The principle here holds that our air molecules should bounce out into space and be dispersed evenly across the enormous expanse of space.

I spent many years working on vacuum systems at Genentech. Any leak in the system is going to want to violently equalize the pressure between your vacuum chamber and the outside air. It can be a pinhole leak (and usually was!). Someone once said that nature abhors a vacuum. It's true!

The scientists try and tell us that gravity holds our atmosphere in. Note that in Boyle's law, gravity is never considered. The smallest butterfly can move our atmosphere overcoming the supposed pull of gravity. The smallest breath from the smallest child can move the air. But we are supposed to believe that gravity is holding it down? It makes more sense that we are in an enclosed system.

3, The Curve -- Scientists tell us that you can calculate the curve of the earth at 8 inches per mile squared. So let's do the math, shall we? Let us consider a view of 5 miles. It's easier to see this over a body of water since no typography gets in the way. So 5x25=125 inches which is a little over 10 ft. So if you are at ground level and observe a boat going away from you....you can watch it disappear over the curve, right? But if you take binoculars or a telescope or some such, amazingly, you can bring it back into vision, as far as the optics and atmospheric conditions will allow. If you bring your boat back into vision when it's 5 miles out, 10 feet of it should be below the curve, but this doesn't happen. This is easier to do across a lake where google can tell you what the distances you see are. Test it yourself! We did.


Saturday, December 22 2018

Does the Moon Give Off Cold Light?

Genesis 1:16 God made the two great lights, the greater light to govern the day, and the lesser light to govern the night; He made the stars also. 17 God placed them in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth, 18 and to govern the day and the night, and to separate the light from the darkness; and God saw that it was good. 19 There was evening and there was morning, a fourth day.

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Friday, December 7 2018

Flat Earth Family Podcast Episode 1 December 8th 2018

Time for our 1st Podcast

We will answer some questions we have gotten.

Have you ever taken a science (physics/astronomy) class?

Why don't you Flat Earthers go to the edge?


Why does NASA and governments lie?

I guess we can cover this one each podcast.

D Marble has 5 potential answers for this question:

Eric Dubay:

"Finally we shall place the Sun himself at the center of the Universe." - Nicolaus Copernicus

This leads us to the question "why did it start 500 years ago?". It was invented by the newly formed Jesuit order, which was a response to the Protestant Reformation. Why?


Saturday, November 17 2018

M5M Media Coverage of the Flat Earth Convention in Denver Colorado 2018

Here are some various main stream media articles about FE2018:



https://denver.cbslocal.com Bob Knodel is in this one :)



Scientists have long since determined that the Earth is a sphere. It is not up for debate in any scientific circles.


Plenty of people dismiss flat-Earthers right away. But for non-flat-Earthers curious to know what these people are all about, the conference is a gateway to understanding their beliefs.





This one has some quotes from me:


FLAT-EARTH219 (1).jpeg


Nathan Robert's family :)

One thing we noticed is that many reporters came into the conference with the talking point of how Flat Earth breaks up families. I guess this is one of the scare tactics they will use for a while.

If you become a flatearther you will be subject to ridicule and lose your family. Don't be silly and have to recant like Kyrie Irving. Your only friends will be other tinfoil hat wearing cult members.


Monday, November 5 2018

4th Flat Earth Meetup in Waxahachie TX November 4th 2018

We held our first Meetup at the Cotton Patch in Waxahachie.


We had 10 of us there today, with our first repeat visitor Grant.

Neal has lots of room for us. There is room for the children to have fun.

Beforehand I went to Walmart in town and found 19 people who said the earth is flat. This is the first time "Flat" was the majority.



Neal will be there next Sunday at 2pm November 11th.




Monday, October 8 2018

Researching Flat Earth? Start here

Here are some basics to start your research. Please note that none of us are associated with the flat earth society, nor do we find it a credible source of information. There are a lot of landmines and much disinformation out there.

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Flat Earth Evangelism at Auburn University

20181007_173932.jpg After Skyfall 2018 conference, we went out with a group of people to talk to people about flat earth. Before we even got there, a young man stopped us and said, "I believe the earth is a globe. Convince me otherwise. Go." So we talked to him and his group for a while. He looked rather concerned, like 'oh my, this is making sense.' They had to go, so we left him with a card to look us up.

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Thursday, October 4 2018

Skyfall 2018 Conference

Great fun at Skyfall 2018!

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Tuesday, September 25 2018

Flat Earth Meetups

This was my original meetup blog entry (updated Sept 30th, 2018), the new static page is:


Here is a list I found: http://www.theflatearthguide.com/meetups.html I am checking to see when the last update was.

Playlist of Mark Sargent's meetup promo videos from 2015 until now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5NAZt67LLY&list=PLltxIX4B8_UT2uwtD_kwepX6auM189Vqk

You can find some on Meetup.com, but it is not as easy as you would think.

If you go to this topic: https://www.meetup.com/topics/flatearth/

you will get the flat earth society .... typical. But you can find some. There are others on meetup.com that are not under this topic.


Phoenix - https://www.meetup.com/Flat-Earth-Phoenix/


Anaheim - https://www.meetup.com/StreetWearAddicts-Flat-Earth-Meet-Up-Get-Together/

Costa Mesa - https://www.meetup.com/Costa-Mesa-Flat-Earth-Meetup/

Los Angeles - https://www.meetup.com/None-Dare-Call-it-Conspiracy/

Martinez - https://www.meetup.com/Flat-Earth-Bay-Area/

Orange - https://www.meetup.com/Orange-County-Flat-Earth-Meetup/

Palmdale - https://www.meetup.com/Wake-up-SoCal/

Sacramento - 916-872-7282 or email Michelle at mgentz88@gmail.com

San Diego - https://www.meetup.com/Flat-Earth-San-Diego/

Santa Monica - https://www.meetup.com/itsflat/

SoCal - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1200307816740726/?ref=br_rs They seem to do things in many places like FlatSmacking Hollywood or the Griffith Observatory


Colorado Springs - https://www.meetup.com/Colorado-Springs-Flat-Earth-Meetup/

Denver - https://www.meetup.com/FE5280-Denver-Flat-Earth-Community/

Fort Collins - This one has been going for years. I have been to 1 meeting. It was Bob and Camy Knoedle's first one that night also. :) https://www.meetup.com/Flat-Earth-Meetup/


Jacksonville - https://www.meetup.com/Jacksonville-Flat-Earth-Meetup/


Lihue - https://www.meetup.com/HawaiiFlatEarth/


Chicago - https://www.meetup.com/FE_Chicago/


Emporia - Jeff Adams picassopaintservice@gmail.com

Topeka - Old Chicago Pizzeria 1231 SW Wanamaker Road Topeka KS 66604 bamasamurai@hotmail.com Thursday, July 19 2018 one time?


New Orleans - Jason Clark 985-500-4008


Potomac - https://www.meetup.com/meetup-group-SfOgOhEQ/


Minneapolis - jswifty1981@gmail.com


King - https://www.meetup.com/King-Flat-Earth-Meetup/


Nashua - Joshbolieiro@rocketmail.com (related Future of Flat Earth, Flat Earth New England, and Nasalies.org down in Boston)


Albuquerque - https://www.meetup.com/Biblical-Flat-Earth-Believers-Explorers-Experimenters/


Las Vegas - https://www.meetup.com/Las-Vegas-Flat-Earth-and-Philosophy-Meetup/


New York - https://www.meetup.com/New-York-Flat-Earth-Meetup/

Syracuse - https://www.meetup.com/Syracuse-Zetetic-Investigation-Meetup/


Tulsa - https://www.meetup.com/Tulsa-Conspiracy-Meetup/


Cleveland - https://www.meetup.com/Cleveland-Flat-Earth-Meetup/


Eugene - https://www.meetup.com/Lane-County-Flat-Earth-Research/

Portland - https://www.meetup.com/FLAT-EARTH-OREGON/


Manheim - https://www.meetup.com/Flat_Earth/

Philly - https://www.facebook.com/flatearthpa/


Spartanburg-Greenville, SC at Chuy's - 1034 Woodruff Rd, Greenville, SC 29607 anyone can contact Jack by text 864-347-6225


Chattanooga - https://www.facebook.com/Flat-Earth-meetup-Chattanooga-Tn-325134801580531/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FOAapa_O6A


Corsicana - another of our groups so contact us :)

Huntsville - https://www.meetup.com/Huntsville-Biblical-Flat-Earth-Society-Meetup/

San Antonio - Matthew Thunder 210-535-3355

Southlake - https://www.meetup.com/Flat-Earth-Travel-Society/

Waxahachie - That is our meeting, so join our group https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/FlatEarthMeetupSouthofDallas/info


Auburn - https://www.meetup.com/flat-earth-fellowship/

Seattle - https://www.meetup.com/meetup-group-BLJNMUXz/


Friday, September 21 2018

South Dallas Flat Earth Meeting

The first meetup is on Sunday Sept 23rd at Braums in Waxahachie, TX. 1 to 2 pm


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Monday, September 10 2018

Flat Earth or Globe survey results for September 9th in SLC

Kat and I stood on a street corner again and asked some of the people passing by "Do you think the earth is flat or a globe?".



We had many good conversations with homeless people. But sometimes the demons inside them get really angry with us.

Some people pass by and are amused by our sign. Some find it annoying. One guy yelled from his car that I was a moron and I was making people stupid by asking this question.

Some families rush past us, like they are trying to avoid the crazy people. :)

We also had a higher percentage of foreign tourists, because it was a quiet Sunday. We talked to people from many countries. They were more reluctant to answer our question, so we just talked about other things.

We also met a friendly lady from Massachusetts (originally from OK), who said she has been to 54 countries and knows it is a globe. She said she can see the earths curve when she flies.

We also had a UofU student who ran across the intersection to take a picture with us and is very excited about the idea of Flat Earth and what that means to our place in the world.

Here is the one Kat was holding:


Here is a picture of our final results:


  • Flat Earth - 6
  • some of each - 1
  • Globe - 36

and a variety that we posted on the back side:


So this time we are way above our usual 5% for Flat Earth.


Tuesday, September 4 2018

Is the Flat Earth a conspiracy?

I found an interesting website today.

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Monday, September 3 2018

Flat Earth Hits the Streets of SLC

Russell and I went out with a sign and talked to people about flat earth,


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Sunday, September 2 2018

Flat Earth -- Why it Matters

This explains a lot


Friday, August 31 2018

Flat Earth Family Song


Wednesday, August 22 2018

Flat Earth International Conference 2018 Canada

I was not able to attend this conference, but I am enjoying some of the video content that has been uploaded to youtube.

Here is a copy of the 1st Session

Robbie Davidson introduces the conference and explains his families struggles at 2 local churches because of his views on Flat Earth (1-17min)

I have heard a couple of other stories regarding the resistance that you receive, once they realize that you believe in Geocentrism and a Flat Earth.

Rob Skiba is uploading the sessions here.


Saturday, August 18 2018

No Lies Domed Skies

Her channel

Her great first video

What happens when you become a Flat Earther


Friday, August 3 2018

Does Gravity Explain this?

Interstellar parking:


Is this woman parking near a black hole or other dark matter that is disorienting her?

black hole clip:


You never know what will happen when all that gravity grabs you.

Flat Earth Man sings about gravity:


Do these seem like facts?:



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