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Russell's Bio

Russell was a conspiracy theory agnostic (meaning ignorant of) before marriage to Kat. She forced a 9/11 book into his hands and forced his eyes to read it (think A Clockwork Orange), and then he was hooked. Now Russell believes basically all conspiracy theories. The ones he does not believe are just the ones he has not looked into yet.

Before becoming a conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, Russell was a relatively normal guy. He attended the Master's College and became a mild mannered accountant in confortable shoes. In 2014 he moved to New Hampshire with the Free State Project where he met his wonderful wife, Kat. Now Russell drives trucks and spreads the good news of Jesus and discusses biblical cosmology with those he encounters.

Kat's Bio

Kat Kanning spent most of her adult life as an atheist, arrogantly declaring that even if there were a god, she would never worship him. Luckily for her, God had the last laugh, and she now gladly worships the creator of the heavens and the earth. Kat became a flat earther when her husband, Russell, brought up the idea and talked about the flight paths that planes actually take and how they make more sense on a flat earth. She didn't really believe it until she searched the Bible for references to the earth, and found that there were many, many verses that made more sense with the flat, stationary earth. Kat drives trucks for a living and has one lovely daughter, Kira. Kat has a degree in biochemistry and biophysics from Oregon State. Her website is Jesus is the Way, the Truth, The Life.

Published on Friday, June 8 2018 by Kat Kanning