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Flat Earth Evangelism at Auburn University

20181007_173932.jpg After Skyfall 2018 conference, we went out with a group of people to talk to people about flat earth. Before we even got there, a young man stopped us and said, "I believe the earth is a globe. Convince me otherwise. Go." So we talked to him and his group for a while. He looked rather concerned, like 'oh my, this is making sense.' They had to go, so we left him with a card to look us up.

We arrived at Auburn University, where Nathan Roberts and Nathan Thomson had already gathered a crowd they were talking flat earth with. Robbie Davidson was filming, with various other people out there talking to people, answering questions.

Nathan Robert's kids really cracked me up. The oldest was like 7 years old and was walking up to people, explaining flat earth to them and asking them if they knew Jesus. People were really taken aback by this mini-evangelist. How do you refuse to take literature from an army of cute little kids? :)

We were out there being peppered with questions from like 4pm to 8:30. I think the other guys were out there from 2 in the afternoon. So we had various combinations of people answering questions for 6.5 hours.

I talked to a lot of people, but my most interesting conversation had little to do with flat earth. One young man said he was doing a project on microagressions and wanted to talk to us because we are a minority group, and often treated badly. I told him that yes, we get flipped off, people yelling mean stuff at us, we're often told we are idiots. I asked him if he was a Christian, and he said that he was. So I told him how powerful it is when we do what Jesus said to do in these situations. We're not only to turn the other cheek, and let these things go, but we should turn around and treat those who mistreat us with love. I asked him how he had experienced microagressions and it sounded like, as an African American, he felt kinda caught between two groups, like maybe white people expected him to act one way, and his own community would expect him to stand up for himself. He seemed very thoughtful about what I'd said about Jesus' answer, and thanked me earnestly for the conversation.

Here are some of the videos the other guys got:








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